G.A.P. Ministry

Under the Direction of our Youth Ministers  Neander Howard II and Chevon Jones

Our duty is to be a positive force in the community and to uplift the youth of current and future generations.  Our target audience is age 6 to 19.The acronym G.A.P. was taken from Romans 12:2 proving what is the Good Acceptable and Perfect will of God. We strive to build in each child a strong biblical foundation and to guide them in the establishment of a personal relationship and experience with Christ Jesus. Strengthen their mind to resist evil and guide them in activating their will. Pouring  biblical based empowerment tools and techniques into them in order to defeat satan’s temptations. Creating a safe non -judgemental space and environment of trust for all. Yet being honest and truthful at all times regarding the Word of God and the consequences of sinful and bad decisions. Creating accountability partners and mentors for not only their spirtual walk, but also in their professional  development as  businessmen and women, politicians, community activists, bankers and lawyers and/ or whatever their dreams and aspirations are as it lines up with God’s will for their lives.  Helping each one reach their full potential and always advocating for them by seeing the Best in them.    

 Our youth department has Zoom and in-person Sunday School at 9: 45am

Followed by  In Person Youth Church at 11: 30 am. 

Our youth also participate in our Flag Ministry, The Mime Ministry(P.O.W), Youth Choir, Youth Usher Board and Street Evangelism. 

Church of Revelation